Common Bariatric Surgery Myths: Weight Loss Misconceptions

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Although bariatric surgery has become more common and more prevalent, there are many misconceptions about weight loss surgery, how it works, and how it affects the lives of patients.

Weight loss surgery also known as bariatric surgery is a conventional operation method to cure obesity. There are various misconceptions about bariatric surgery, and it’s results. Experts say that only those with lingering obesity should go for the process and not everyone who is plump and wants to shed those excess layers of fat should undergo it. Here we are to clear some of the most famous misconceptions about the bariatric procedures and help you accustomed with the real fact about weight loss surgery.

Getting Bariatric Surgery is the Easy Way

Many people think that people who undergo bariatric operation lack the zeal to lose weight on their own. That is not the case at all. Many factors can make weight loss challenging even with a good diet and daily exercise. Much of the time, the patient has a substantial amount of weight to lose before they can also become a candidate for weight loss surgery.

Moreover, the risk of a severe health problem may mean that bariatric surgery is the perfect and immediate choice for overcoming life-threatening health situations.

You Can Eat Anything After Bariatric Surgery

After a bariatric surgery procedure, patients will often have difficulty with junk food, highly concocted foods, heavily fibrous vegetables, and other types of foods. If consuming and not watching what you eat that can lead to digestive problems. Moreover, eating junk food after a weight loss operation could negatively affect the total amount of weight you lose.

Your Diet After Bariatric Operation Is Bland

While bariatric surgery could change your diet, that doesn’t mean it’s bland. There are a lot of rich and tasty recipes out there for weight loss surgery patients. The method may revive your love for different foods.

You Don’t Need to Work-Out After Bariatric Surgery

Working out is required for proper weight loss and shedding the weight off properly. Many bariatric patients enjoy their workout more after they have undergone a bariatric operation. It becomes part of their new, healthier lifestyle.

All of the Weight Will Eventually Come Back

After some months to a year, your body will adapt to your new diet and eating style. As a result, a portion of the weight you lose from the bariatric operation will come back. Keep in mind that this is just a portion of the weight, not all of it.

Bariatric Operation is Risky

While any surgery poses some dangers, the risk of death from bariatric surgery is very low for bariatric patients than the death of those people affected by chronic obesity who have not had the operation. The data show up to an 89% reduction in mortality, as well as significant reductions in death rates due to some diseases, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. After the bariatric operation, you may be able to reduce or stop medications for severe conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure.

Bariatric Surgery Increases Risk of Suicide

The changes to a person’s body, lifestyle, and relationship to food can be challenging initially. Some bariatric patients suffer from initial distress and depression after the operation, yet mental health experts and support organizations can help patients work through this transformation period. Better mental health winds up becoming part of improved physical well-being for those who have weight loss surgery.

Weight Loss Operation Patients Suffer from Chronic Nutritional Deficiencies

Eating a balanced diet can be challenging after bariatric surgery with new eating limitations, but it is not impracticable. Noting your nutritional needs, eating a different range of foods, and taking vitamins and dietary supplements can help address individual dietary needs.

At Lighter Dream Bariatrics the surgery package includes nutritional advice from a certified nutritionist before and after surgery.

You Cannot Give Birth After Bariatric Operation

Many people wait to undergo bariatric surgery until they finish bearing children. The fact is that you can have children after weight loss surgery. It is just not advisable to get pregnant within the first year or so of the operation since your body is still adapting to the changes in the procedure.

Bariatric Surgery is not Affordable

With Lighter Dream the patient has many payment options for weight loss surgery in Tijuana. You can pay through third-party financing, in-house financing, payment arrangement, credit card, and in some cases you can use health savings account debit cards.

In Conclusion, most people opting for bariatric or weight loss surgery to fall in shape and look slimmer are driven with many misconceptions and are not aware of everything about bariatric surgery.

Rest your mind and fill out a health questionnaire to find out from one of Lighter Dream’s expert surgeons what is best.

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