Bariatrics Surgery Revision

Bariatric Revision Surgery

With bariatric revision surgery, you no longer have to be frustrated when your initial bariatric procedure fails to meet your weight loss goals.
Our bariatric surgeons here at Lighter Dream Bariatric Services can perform surgical bariatric revisions
to address issues and prevent complications.

Why Is Bariatric Revision Surgery Necessary?

Gastric bypass surgery can help patients lose excess weight. It can also help reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases related to obesity. However, there are cases when a gastric bypass fails to achieve its intended goal or has resulted in complications. When this happens to you, you must immediately seek out a provider with extensive knowledge and experience in bariatric revisions. Our surgeons here at Lighter Dream Bariatric Services can perform revision procedures that may be too complex for other practitioners.

Bariatric Revision Surgical Procedures We Perform

Lap Band Removal & Replacement: Our bariatric surgeons use laparoscopic techniques to reverse Lap-Band® surgery for those who struggle with postoperative complications.
Gastric Sleeve Alternatives: Our bariatric experts can convert your gastric sleeve into a mini gastric bypass, a full gastric bypass, or a duodenal switch.