Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Mini Gastric Bypass In Tijuana, Mexico

Gastric Bypass Surgery In Tijuana

Mini gastric bypass can help solve weight problems by minimizing the stomach size by 75% and bypassing five to seven feet of the large and small intestines, based on your health and lifestyle. Consequently, the body’s capacity to absorb and consume food and calories decreases. During the procedure, a small part of the stomach will be reshaped to serve as a new stomach pouch that will house food consumption. Meanwhile, the other part of the old stomach functions just the same, but it will no longer be loaded with food. After measuring the length of the to-be bypassed small intestine that connects to the larger separated stomach, the bypassed point of the small intestine will be connected to the new stomach pouch.

It is, in comparison to the traditional 4-hour procedure, performed expertly within 60 to 90 minutes only. Moreover, since it reduces weight and food intake, the patient’s risk for hypertension, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea drops and, if existing, will be easier to manage. The best aspect of this surgery is that it is a reversible procedure, unlike gastric bypass or gastric sleeve. Deciding on a surgery like mini gastric bypass needs your 100% determination, but if a complication arises or you will need a different bariatric surgery in the future, the procedure can be reversed. The price of a mini gastric bypass procedure starts at $5499.

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