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Double board certified surgeon, highly specialized in Bariatric Surgery. Graduated from the Universidad autonoma de Mexico (Autonomous University of Mexico), which is considered the number one in Mexico and one of the most important institutions in the world. He has participated in more than 3000 procedures, included: Gastric Sleeve, gastric bypass and revision surgeries. He has highly experienced in single incision gastric sleeve surgery, which is a great advantage compared to other surgeons, because the recovery and complications are minors than the regular surgery and also this procedure offers the patient the possibility of having a scarless surgery.

Dr. Jeffry also underwent bariatric surgery himself, for this reason he will not only be able to provide you recommendations not only as a surgeon, but also as a patient; making this journey easier for you. He currently works as a teacher in the formation of new bariatric surgeons at the Fengh Academy of Minimally Invasive Surgery (FAMIS), providing his experiences and knowledge to professionals from Mexico and Latin America.

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