Celebrating Halloween after Weight Loss Surgery

Marking the border between autumn and winter, Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. Halloween has its origins in Celtic paganism, where the New Year was a time when ghosts and spirits emigrated to sadness, and the Celts treated the ghosts by giving things.

Years later, the favorite holiday became synonymous with funny costumes, goodies or sweets, and more sweets. With sugar and treats all around you, the temptation to break it is real. However, we are here to help you to keep your weight loss diet plan.

Here are some helpful Halloween tips:

Fill up before

A healthy meal high in fiber and protein before trick or treating will help you and your family to avoid snacking from trick or treat bags that are full of sweets. Filling up before Halloween snacking will help you with your weight loss surgery diet as well.

Buy candy you don’t particularly like and give out to trick-or-treaters

Most kids love most sweets. The type of candy you choose will not make or break a trick or treaters night. Purchase candy that is not mainly your favorite to avoid snacking while passing out candy.

Leftover candy to the door (or garbage)

Encourage children to choose only their favorite and stay away from their bag of treats. Donate the rest to a local organization or find a dentist to attend the annual Halloween Candy Buyback. Resist the urge to bring these tasty treats to the office; it is very easy to snack while working.

Keep candies in the freezer

If you have a candy or chocolate leftover after Halloween, collect everything and store it in the freezer. Your children will eat fewer pieces, and the sweets will be less available. Schedule a date for a home without a candy!

Schedule a date for a candy-free home

Encourage children to select their favorite candies and treats from their Halloween loot. Select a date in November and mark it in the calendar. The time you pick is the day all your Halloween sweets have to go! The candy-free zone will contribute back to your diet.

Go and Go!

Encourage children to go from house to house instead of driving. This little change can take a long time to burn unwanted calories and stay active. It is possible to start a friendly competition between children and see who will go to most of the houses. Make it fun and keep pandemic safety in mind!

Be Generous

Do not hesitate to get rid of extra sweets. Save enough to satisfy everyone in your home for about two weeks and collect the rest to give the homeless, dental clinics, soldiers, etc. They are always looking for contributions.

So, celebrate the spirit and have a great Halloween. Please share any tips you may have by commenting below.

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