What You Need to Know About Hiatal Hernia Repair


If you’re familiar with bariatric surgeries, you may know that they are effective options for weight loss in Tijuana Mexico for those with serious health complications that regular dieting and exercise couldn’t fix. These surgeries are often done to reduce the risk of diseases like heart disease and stroke.

But have you heard of hiatal hernia repairs?

Hiatal hernia, a condition most usually affecting individuals suffering from obesity, is a phenomenon wherein an individual’s part of the stomach bulges through the diaphragm. While most small hiatal hernias are less serious and don’t necessarily need surgery, others can cause uncomfortable symptoms like heartburn and may require a medical procedure.

In these types of situations, other bariatric surgeries, such as the gastric sleeve procedure, may not be the best standalone choice. Hence, for patients with hiatal hernia, we recommend hiatal hernia repairs.

Unlike gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico, hiatal hernia repairs focus solely on guiding the misplaced part of your stomach back into the abdominal activity. Afterward, surgeons will tighten the opening of the diaphragm to prevent reflux and suture the stomach to the abdomen’s connective tissue to avoid any movements while healing.

During the recovery process, patients may need to take medications and undergo a restricted diet. Some may notice an uncomfortable tingling sensation near the incision but these symptoms may go away with time.

For proper advice and diagnosis, we recommend consulting your doctor.

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