What Is Gastric Bypass, and How Does it Help?

When people have difficulties in reducing weight, there is a surgical option that works wonders for some people. This surgery is called gastric bypass. A gastric bypass is an option for those who have tried weight loss techniques but are unsuccessful.

Some people may wonder how it works and how it reduces weight. As a provider of bariatric surgery in Mexico, we at Lighter Dream Bariatric Services are willing to share an overview of gastric bypass.

  • How is it done?The top of the stomach is separated from the remainder of the stomach by a cut made by bariatric surgeons. Just approximately an ounce of food may fit in the resulting pouch, which is roughly the size of a walnut.
  • How does it help?The goal of gastric bypass is to decrease the amount of food you take and reduce the nutrients you receive. Not only does it reduce weight, but it also helps prevent health complications associated with weight gain. Bariatric services also help prevent heart diseases, high cholesterol levels, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

After receiving a bariatric in Tijuana, Mexico, patients must have a consultation regularly with their surgeons to maintain long-term weight reduction.

If you seek a safe gastric bypass surgery, you can always count on our professional and surgical services. Contact us today to learn more details about our services.

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