Vitamins for Post-Bariatric Surgery Patients

Being a provider of weight loss surgery in Mexico, we are experts when it comes to post-surgery tips.

Here are the vitamins you need after bariatric surgery and why:

  • Thiamin, or vitamin B1, essential for cell growth, development, and function, aids the body’s conversion of carbohydrates into energy. If thiamin deficiency is not addressed right away, neurological problems may occur.
  • Iron is a crucial component of myoglobin. It oxygenates muscles and hemoglobin in red blood cells. Meanwhile, anemia is caused by an iron deficiency with symptoms such as low energy, hair loss, brittle nails, impaired memory, and a weakened immune system.
  • Red blood cell production, cell development, and function, all depend on folate. Other inadequacies and symptoms, including weakness, exhaustion, irritability, headaches, and shortness of breath, are frequently associated with a folate shortage.
  • A significant component of the construction of bones and teeth is calcium. Other processes it affects include hormone release, muscular contraction, blood clotting, growth, and reproduction. Lethargy, muscular cramps, convulsions, numbness, and tingling in the fingers are all signs of calcium deficiency.

Rather than buying individual bottles for different supplements, an all-in-one Bariatric Multivitamin is also available to support your needs after bariatric surgery. It provides over twenty key vitamins and nutrients and is an affordable choice compared to individual bariatric vitamins in the market.

You may consult your board certified bariatric surgeon in Mexico for more information on the vitamins that your body needs after surgery.

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