Tools and Tips for After Weight Loss Surgery

The journey to a perfect ‘Lighter Dream’ come true does not end with bariatric surgery. There are things you’ll do or need to achieve your goal. After undergoing bariatric surgery, you’ll want some of these items to make a long-term weight loss dream.

  • Blender – You’ll need one strong enough to crush ice to prepare protein shakes.
  • Protein Shake Bottle – A liquid diet will be standard after bariatric surgery. Protein shakes replace meals while giving you the nutrition needed. For easy preparation and to be able to take your shake on the go, get a protein shake bottle.
  • Food Scale – Get a scale to measure food in the right proportion. Also, get tablespoons and cups to weigh food.
  • Water Bottle – You have to stay hydrated at all times. A water bottle should be your friend at this time. Fill it up and drink as much water as necessary.
  • Activity/Step Tracker – Plan your activity for the day and get a tracker to keep track of your daily targets. You could get a smartwatch, or you could as well use your phone or tablet.

Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery

After bariatric surgery, you should concentrate on nutrition and physical activities to maintain weight loss. You’ll have to be more aware of your body cues to food. Develop a secure connection with your body to control food planning, preparation, and portioning for healthy living. Find a hobby to promote your new lifestyle and keep fit. Try hiking, biking, fitness class, dance class, swimming, or sports. Exercise regularly and make it a routine.

Avoid stress. Stress can make you gain weight and increase eating. Find a way to maintain a healthy living, and reduce stress. If going to a support group or seeing a psychologist will help reduce stress, then do. Above all, a strong will is needed to follow through with a weight loss plan.

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