Steps to Prepare for Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery generally helps individuals with severe obesity to lose weight. It entails altering the stomach and small intestine to limit food intake and modify nutritional absorption. Are you interested in learning how to prepare for such a procedure? We’ve got your back!

Here at Lighter Dream Bariatric Services, a leading provider of bariatric services, it is one of our primary goals to boost the quality of life of our patients. We aim to achieve that through our services and by arming them with the right knowledge—one topic at a time.

Here are steps you can take as you prepare for this weight loss surgery:

  • Educate Yourself:

    Participate in the instructional courses or classes offered by the bariatric surgery center. These include dietary adjustments, postoperative care, lifestyle changes, and potential complications. Educating yourself will allow you to make well-informed choices and adjust more smoothly to the changes that will occur.

  • Adhere to Suggested Dietary Changes:

    Follow the preoperative diet regimen prescribed by your surgeon or nutritionist. That typically entails cutting calories and eating a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet. These dietary adjustments intend to shrink your liver and promote a successful surgery.

  • Ensure That You Understand Preoperative Instructions:

    You must follow the directions given to you by your surgeon, such as fasting rules before surgery. That said, ensure that any doubts or queries are clarified beforehand.

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