How Fast Can I Return to Work After Bariatric Surgery?

How fast can I return to work after bariatric surgery?

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding bariatric surgery is ‘how fast can I return to work after undergoing bariatric surgery?’ Once bariatric surgery is complete the patient is discharged to go home; the natural desire is to get back into the swing of things and handle regular daily needs.

Many recognize how essential it is to take time to heal correctly after weight loss surgery, but the bitter truth is that we also need to know how long it takes to recover so that we can get back to normal routine. The Fact is there are some safety precautions to abide by to heal quickly and to do so safely. Your bariatric surgeon will give these precautions; it is so important that you follow them.

Going back to work after bariatric surgery

We do see that patients sometimes go back to work right away, we believe that the time you take off of work for recovery is essential and do not recommend this. The recommendation is that you go back to work within two to six weeks depending on the procedure and how your body heals. The time it takes you to return to work also depends on the progress of your recovery. After your gastric sleeve surgery or other bariatric procedure, it is essential that you get optimum rest as complications can occur if you over-stress yourself before you are fully recovered or healed.

People who engaged in strenuous jobs may have to wait four to six weeks before they are ready to go back to work unless of course, they can go back to work with lifting restrictions. It is strongly advised to refrain from lifting objects more than 20 pounds within this time of your recovery. Lifting objects more than 20 pounds can easily cause unnecessary strains in the abdomen and causes serious complications at the surgical site. Make sure you discuss your work needs with your bariatric surgeon for useful recommendations and advice.

Going back to normal household activities after a bariatric surgery

The time to go back to normal household activities may vary depending on your lifestyle and the level of your normal activities before bariatric surgery. To monitor your progress during recovery, it is important to walk as much as possible without overexerting yourself or causing any significant pain. At first, you may be able to walk for a few minutes at a time. Every step counts.

Exercising your body at least for thirty minutes a day within a couple of weeks is highly recommended. This will allow your body systems to function correctly and let your body heal correctly. After the sixth week, you should be able to perform your daily routine as long as you follow the post-operative precautions and recommendations strictly.

For past bariatric patients, please comment below the struggles that you had and some useful tips to getting back to work or household needs.

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