Deposit and Scheduling Bariatric Surgery:

Deposit: A security deposit is due at the time of scheduling the surgery appointment to secure your surgery date and to be consulted by our staff The deposit will apply to the total balance owed for your procedure. Deposits of less than USD 500 are not entitled to refunds due to services rendered. Deposits of USD 500 or greater are entitled to refund dependent upon cancellation time frame and cost incurred by Lighter Dream Bariatrics. Details are as followed:

Refunds and Cancellation Policy:

Security Deposit & Remaining Balance Deposit

Due to the preparation costs, (i.e., duration of consultation, hotel reservations, booking hospital room, scheduling transportation, nutritional consultation, scheduling of hospital staff, supplies ordered based on surgery schedule, etc.), all refunds will be handled based on the following criteria:

All cancellations and refunds must be received by Lighter Dream in writing, via email, mail, or fax at least 30 days before the surgery date.


If you cancel the procedure at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled date for your procedure, you understand Lighter Dream Bariatrics will refund all monies paid after Lighter Dream Bariatrics deducts Non Refundable Deposit fee and all expenses incurred by Lighter Dream Bariatrics to schedule your surgery.

If you cancel the procedure at 16 to 29 days prior to the scheduled date for your procedure, you understand Lighter Dream Bariatrics will refund up to SIXTY FIVE (65%) of Total Cost after Lighter Dream Bariatrics deducts  Non Refundable Deposit fee and all expenses incurred.

Please allow up to six (6) weeks for refund processing.

Refunds and Cancellation: All Money Paid to Lighter Dream Policy

The following policy is for all money and payments made to Lighter Dream. All Money Paid to Lighter Dream: No refunds are made within fifteen (15) days before the scheduled surgery date. All payments to Lighter Dream, including deposit and payments towards surgery total balance, are subject to full forfeiture. Refunds are limited in this term because of the financial investment in making arrangements for the hotel, transportation, surgery operating room, hospital room, administrative fees, equipment procurement, etc.

Refunds and Cancellation: Postponed, Rescheduled Policy

The following policy is for patients who’ve postponed or rescheduled their initially scheduled surgery date. Postponed, Rescheduled: No refunds are given to any patient who has postponed or rescheduled their surgery beyond one reschedule whatsoever. Granted reschedule after initial reschedule allowed will be subject to an additional non-refundable deposit.

Rescheduled, Postponed Policy

The following policy is only for Scheduling Deposits of at least USD 500. Patients can postpone the original surgery date once if made in writing via email, mail, or fax no less than thirty (30) days before the scheduled surgery date. Patients can only postpone once (1), allowing patients to re-use the booking deposit for another surgery date.

If the patient postpones within thirty (30) days before the initially scheduled the surgery date, then the initial booking deposit or USD 500, will be forfeited and the patient must pay an additional booking deposit of USD 500 to secure another surgery date.

Doctor Cancellation Policy

If the doctor request cancellation or reschedule of the patient’s surgery date because of the following issues: the patient did not follow pre-operative instructions, or the patient omitted information, or was misleading.

Then the entire loss of the booking deposit, all payments made for the procedure are forfeited. If the doctor tries to perform the surgery but encounters an issue preventing safe operation, the doctor has the right to cancel the operation. No refunds or partial refunds are returned for canceled surgeries.

Fully-Paid Patients & Remainder Funds Policy

Patients must fully pay all remaining balances before traveling to Mexico for the procedure(s). Patients must pay the remaining balance 15 days before their surgery date. If a patient fails to pay for the procedure fully, Lighter Dream has the right to cancel the surgery, and all payments made for their outstanding balance will be forfeited.

Patient No-Communication Policy

If the patient fails to submit full payment two weeks 15 days before surgery date and/or fails to respond to Lighter Dream’s communication attempts in regards to surgery Lighter Dream reserves the right to cancel the surgery date. In the event this happens, the patient will still owe Lighter Dream for any outstanding balances and will lose their booking deposit and any payments made to their balance.

Failed Payments, Outstanding Balances Policy

If a payment fails to clear, for any reason, there will be a $50 one-time fee added to your outstanding balance. If bill collections are necessary, the costs associated and incurred by Lighter Dream will be paid by the patient.

Possible Additional Fees

Our packages are all-inclusive as specified in pricing tables; however, there are times that a patient requests or may need additional items not included in the package prices. Any procedure, the doctor deems necessary to save my life or to ensure minimal complications postoperatively, during this procedure and I hereby agree to pay for the costs related to these procedures. This includes, but is not limited to:

High BMI Fees
$525 BMI 49 to 58
$1,349 BMI 59 to 68
$1,849 BMI 69 -78

$169 hotel room per night
$750 an additional night in the hospital

Third Companion
$200 Additional Companion(s) – $200/Night per companion (this applies to 2 or more companions as the first companion is included in the package)

*this includes – 1. Added hotel costs for third person in room the night of arrival. 2. Hotel for each night the patient is in hospital 3. Added driver fee for pick up from airport and drop off to airport.

**Cost for companion from hotel to hospital is not included.

Equipment Fees
$300 C-PAP – $300/Night (bring your own to waive the fee)
$1,500 Equipment recovery cost for Hepatitis C or HIV patients

Procedure Fees
$525 Endoscopy
$525 Hiatal hernia repair *
$1,349 Gallbladder Removal in surgery
Blood Transfusions – TBD

While fees outside of the package are rare. Other medical needs are subject to fees, these are just examples as to fees that may occur outside of package. 

*30% patients do need hiatal hernia repair be prepared at time of surgery just in case this is needed. Price may differ for stand alone procedure.

Bariatric Revision Fees
$850 – $1,500 Revision of previous surgery

Hospital Fees
Cardiologist Exam/Consultation – TBD
Extra Medicines – TBD
Oxygen Treatments – TBD