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Financing your Bariatric Surgery

Lighter Dream is committed to helping you discover approaches to funding your weight loss surgery. Try not to let the absence of accounts or protection inclusion block your expectations of getting bariatric surgery. Let us give you peace of mind. Review the financing options below to see what fits your situation best.  The following are the best places to begin in case you're searching for choices to help.

Weight Loss Surgery Financing Companies

*Promotional pricing is not applicable with financing customers. Please let your coordinator know you need a quote for financing. 

Who Needs Financing?

  1. Has your insurance company denied you for weight loss surgery?
  2. Do you not have insurance and need a low-cost way to start your weight loss journey?
  3. Have you already decided to lower your cost of bariatric surgery by traveling to Mexico to do so?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, financing may be the answer for you. If you’re interested in learning more about patient financing please call efinancing at 800-728-9585 or fill out a pre-screen and one of their representatives will assist you.

Or click here to fill out a pre-screen and a representative will reach out to you shortly

How Does Financing for Weight Loss Surgery Work?

The process of retrieving financing for weight loss surgery works a lot like getting a loan for an automobile or a home, but the process is simplified. The financing company will access your credit history and provided information. The financing company will look at your financial health to decide any interest rates and the amount of the loan.

Once you have weight loss surgery you will start paying back the principal and any interest for the duration of your loan. The process is made simple for you by using Lighter Dream, eFincancing, and Medicard as your guide.

Promotional pricing is not applicable with financing customers. Please let your coordinator you need a quote for financing.

Other Options for Financing your Bariatric Surgery

Payment Plan - Premiere Bariatrics offers an exceptionally adaptable installment plan. Installments can be set up with your patient coordinator to give you enough time to have your procedure paid for just in time for your surgery date. We enable our patients to schedule their surgery up to two years out if needed, we put our patients first by allowing you to make a payment plan that is affordable and practical.

Private Loan - Many will take out a private loan through personal means or through their bank. Most banks will enable you to utilize your home, auto, and additional property to get a safe advance to help pay for a medical procedure. Just call your bank and request data on advances for medical purposes.

Health Savings Plan / Flex Spending Account - Your human resources liaison or banking associate will have the capacity to give you the data on your plans to check whether you're ready to utilize those assets to pay for your medical procedure. Simply call them and see what alternatives you have accessible to you.

Retirement (401k) Loan - Patients often seek a retirement loan or withdrawal to finance their bariatric surgery. Contact your 401k company to see what you are eligible for.

Credit Card - Lighter Dream does take credit card payment as well. Sometimes all that it takes is using your credit card or asking for a balance increase from a credit card company that you may currently possess. Credit cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard & Discover.

We also offer the following payment types: wire transfers, as well as personal checks, cashier's checks, and money orders. Need more options or need to make a payment, contact our office.