Many patients come to Lighter Dream Bariatrics for a lap band to gastric sleeve revision. Lighter Dream has dedicated surgeons to do revision surgery at a fraction of the cost in Tijuana, Mexico. Revision surgery at Lighter Dream Bariatrics is a lot less expensive than what is to be charged within the United States.

Who needs a Lap Band Revision

Not losing the desired weight loss, even after weight loss surgery, let alone the lap band procedure could warrant a revision in weight loss surgery. Your abdomen may have gotten stretched, resulting in inadequate weight loss.

These circumstances could warrant the removal of your lap band as well:

  • When swallowing becomes difficult and causes you to choke or vomit every time you eat or drink
  • Poor diet choices, or a restricted diet due to getting sick after eating protein-rich foods
  • GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease) or acid reflux, usually caused by band slippage
  • Excessive modification of the band may end up in the dilation of the esophagus; this makes it hard to swallow food
  • If the lap band port gets infected

If you would like to lose more weight and have previously had a weight loss surgery procedure, see if Lighter Dream Bariatrics can help by filling out this short health questionnaire.